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About Us

The Peace Post aims to make healthier news for the world.

Based in Hong Kong, China and Manila, Philippines, we bring a unique Asian perspective to international discussions of healthcare, medical education, and society that enhance peace.

The Peace Post was founded by Chinese-Australian healthcare professional, composer, and author Sir Billy C. Chan, KCR, and California born editor Christopher Cottrell. It is the flagship publication of the Sino Phil Asia International Peace Awards Foundation Inc. registered in Manila, Philippines.

Sir Billy Chan is a Knights Commander of the International Heroes Chapter of the Knights of Rizal in Manila, Philippines, and a medical educator in Macao, China. He divides his time between Asia, Australia, and Europe.

Mr. Cottrell has been reporting since 1998 in the U.S. West Coast, Oceania, Latin America, and Asia. Based in China since 2003, he has written for the Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, the Boston Globe, CCTV, CNN, Fodor’s, the Global Times, The Guardian, Los Angeles Times, and South China Morning Post, among others.

Our Director of Photography is Mr. Kester Rey Senson Celestino, a Macao resident of Philippines and Chinese ancestry. Mr. Celestino is a healthcare worker and international photographer. He has contributed with National Geographic, and chronicled the Sino-Luso International Medical Forum and Sino-Asia Pacific Medical Forum since 2016.

Our team of artists, doctors, journalists, musicians, photographers, policymakers, teachers, scientists, and volunteers care deeply about creating peace.